Xcode resources not updating

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Xcode resources not updating

I've looked & can't find any info about this - if I've created an app using the i OS App SDK version 15.0.1, how to I update it to 15.0.2?

Do I have to create a new project from scratch or is there an 'update' process?

You should now be able to create a simple project template from an existing empty template or even extend a more complex template using the concepts introduced in this post.

This is a handy way of handling project creation and avoiding some repetitive processes.

Luckily for us, Xcode template has facilities to manage that for us.

At Showoff we work continuously to provide fast and cost effective development services to our clients without compromising on the Showoff standard.The second method is to choose the ancestor(s) that you want to extend from the diagram above and create a new template based on those ancestor(s). We are going to extend the Cocoa Touch Application Base template per the following instructions: You must provide a Definitions dictionary for each resource that needs to be included.The key for each resource under Definitions is how the resource is referenced elsewhere in the template.Building projects for b2b, enterprises – or for any client for that matter – like I do, you might also have to upgrade the projects to the latest i OS versions and upgrade your development environment to OSX 10.10 (Yosemity) along with the Xcode 6.1 IDE.That’s all fine, but there are some perks when upgrading those older (i OS 6/7) apps to get along with the latest and greatest.

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The concrete templates (the ones used in Xcode) that are based on the base templates are available in Xcode at: These templates provide the best starting point when learning to create your own templates.

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