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So if Black people couldn’t blame White people for their failures, it would force them to be held accountable for their own actions.And their actions have determined them a significant liability to the prosperity of American society.Whites are roughly 7% of the world’s population, and according to The history of America is one in which European settlers braved the unknown and carved out the greatest nation on the planet with their bare hands and innovative minds.It was a nation created by White men for White people.If by some miracle he should serve out his first term, he mustn’t be allowed a second.Voters of good conscience must swarm the polls in 2020. Ignore the fact that the Black unemployment rate isn’t at its lowest in decades. What do you think Mr Blow will say when that “miracle” happens? Where an elected official (in this case the POTUS) gets to perform the duties the American people elected him to do.Once a boy was labeled a “faggot,” he might as well have been one in the eyes of his peers. The reason that racism is such a powerful concept is because it provides legitimacy to the inadequacies within the Black community.In other words, accusations of White racism are excuses for Black failure.

She even went so far as to blame the City of Dallas for not producing more Black doctors — all the direct result of systemic racism, of course, not the fact that a minimum of 120 IQ is needed to meet the intellectual requirements of an MD (85 is avg Black IQ)., the subject matter may change to some degree, but the premise is usually the same: “Racism” this. Trump called Haiti a “shithole” and played golf on MLK day, so that proves once and for all that he’s a racist. Not only that, America’s racist folks masquerading as religious folks would have used Obama’s moral failing as proof of a black pathology.

It feels to me like a way to keep you fighting against the water until you drown.

Racism is simply the belief that race is an inherent and determining factor in a person’s or a people’s character and capabilities, rendering some inferior and others superior.

The fact is that if Mr Blow couldn’t write about “racism,” he wouldn’t have anything to write about.

In reality, the rhetoric surrounding race has been hijacked and weaponized for political gain by those with an anti-White agenda.

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Furthermore, racial differences have a tendency to be moralized. It’s not always a case of right or wrong; good or bad.