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But sometimes there is reason to wonder about their incentives for behaving the way they do. Does for example The World Bank act on behalf of the people living in developing countries, or are they acting on behalf of other economic interests?, despite the fact that it has been completed and launched.Step by step Dead Donkeys depicts different perspectives on what is happening in Ethiopia, also with distinctions to the international community.

The conversation is moderated by Kari Helene Partapuoli, director of the Utviklingsfondet.

It is alarming that the work these kinds of organisations actually seems to be doing the opposite of what they say they want to accomplish.

At the best, you might think that these things happen because of incompetence or ignorance.

WG Productions is therefore working to make sure the film lives on.

We are for example making different versions of the film to be shown in different contexts and in order to reach different target groups.

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It took Joakim Demmer six years to make Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas and it gives a unique and unsettling insight into the consequences of land grabbing. When I started to work on the film, I really didn’t know that much about Ethiopia or the topic land grabbing.