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Austrian rule over Breslau came to an abrupt end in 1741, when King Frederick the Great militarily seized and annexed Silesia for Prussia.Now under the Prussian kingdom, Protestantism and Judaism again flourished after years of Austrian Catholic suppression.Most of the city's main tourist attractions are located directly in the center, though several major points of interest can be found further afield.

Having largely converted to Protestantism during the Reformation, Breslau was targeted by the Catholic Habsburgs during the Counter-Reformation after the Thirty Years War.The city is also known for its high quality of life.Wrocław is historically divided into five boroughs.In the post-war communist years, Wrocław was painstakingly rebuilt and rejuvenated, removing most traces of the previous German inhabitants.Despite the communists providing a degree a comfort and renewed economic productivity, agitation against the regime remained just below the surface.

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During the Prussian (and later German) era, Breslau industrialized, becoming the largest German city east of Berlin, and a major center for the arts and sciences.

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