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This refers to the loops in which your line with be guided up the pole through.Stainless steel guides boast being corrosion resistant to various types of water.When looking for the best backpacking fly rod it can be overwhelming, but this article provides some options so that you can find the best fit and package to accommodate you when your out on the water.Fly fishing is the sport of using an artificial fly to catch fish.When you set out to go fishing, there is sometimes an overload of how much stuff you need to pack and bring.Don’t let your rod be a huge inconvenience holding you down.The action of a fly fishing rod is referring to how much flex or bend it has.This is something to notate since you cannot adjust the action and you will want to find a rod that matches your strengths and preference.

Here is a good guideline for comparing which fish go with which rod weight.

When casting, you pull the string loose and wrap it around your fingers for better control of the cast.

When looking for a fly reel, some rods will have one included but if you are looking for an elevated model then your best bet would be to purchase one separately. This version uses a spring mechanism that will pull the line when the lever is flicked.

Automatic reels are heavier than their counterparts and give a limited line capacity.

If you prefer a left versus right configuration then take a moment to see if the reel is able to switch.

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