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Widow and widower dating

Some people there had lost their second spouse, having been divorced from the first.

And they expressed how a divorce affected their confidence in a way that being widowed didn't.

There is no magical amount of time for it to be appropriate to date again, it's when you feel it's right. I met my DH 16 months after the death of his first wife, he had a teenage DD.

I think the response from her friends and family was a little bit surprised, a little bit sad, but ultimately happy to see him not be lonely anymore.

But fulfilling the roles of both dad and mum to them (DH instigated all the sports, and each of them being at a different school) has helped me to feel a little more control, right from when DH was diagnosed. Cabrinha - Funny how time appears when it's really needed .

I don't know if your boyfriend would agree, but at a young widow/ers group I attended a few times, we discussed how in some ways it is easier to think about finding love again, having been widowed rather than divorced.

Which makes me feel like opening a bottle of wine, but it's a Monday. I am thinking about writing him an email along the lines you both suggest. Just not sure if I'm brave enough to follow through. My husband left me and moved in with somebody whose husband's funeral had taken place only 4.5 months before after he was killed in an RTA.

But meeting him the other night, it felt like when I first met DH.I haven't heard from him in the few days since (though wouldn't have expected to). I'm not having any more kids - couldn't do that to mine.)Also, I have no time! I never have any time (I work abroad 5/14 nights, single parent all but one of the days I'm home) yet funnily enough, when I found the right man, time seemed to appear I'm so sorry for your loss The right man I mentioned lost his wife to cancer 4 years ago - hence I noticed a thread with 'widowed' in the title. I think sometimes people realise slowly that they're ready for something (my boyfriend did) and other people get a huge nudge in that direction that helps them along unexpectedly. I would sort out in your own mind whether you would date anyone with the professional complication.But my friend, who is heavily involved with this project and got me the gig, phoned me last night to say that he got her aside, after I left, and said that we had a connection that had come across in our emails and even more in person, and asked her if I had started dating. That I'm not over my husband, and that my kids need a lot of my time. (I've been to a few dinner parties where I've been sat next to flirtatious single men who have not interested me at all.) Or has been, until now. I have a fucking spreadsheet rather than a diary, so full is my time. I think I'd email him and say that you have really enjoyed working with him, and the night out took you by surprise that you could feel an interest for someone again.There were a lot of people there, and I'm not gregarious (especially as this was the first big event I've gone along to since everything, and am still receiving some awkward condolences) and he clearly is outgoing. I've done no work since the school run this morning, just written a list of all the reasons why pursuing this would be a bad idea.But we ended up chatting in a corner for nearly an hour, couldn't stop talking. He's so tall, and his eyes are so blue, and I'd forgotten how nice it is to smell an attractive man, and listen to a deep voice... Then we were interrupted and chatted to other people, though I kept looking over and seeing him smiling at me. I had to leave to catch last train home while event was in full swing, and was too shy to go over and say goodbye. (He doesn't have kids, and is I think a few years younger than me.

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Somerville I have been a Maid of Honour to two friends who married again after being widowed.