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Who is u2 bono dating

In December 2005 he and Bill and Melinda Gates shared the “Persons of the Year” award from Time magazine in recognition of the trio’s humanitarian work individually and together.

After an accident with his bike in November 2014, he stopped playing the guitar.

Bono’s wife, Alison Stewart Hewson, whom he married in 1982, shares her husband’s concern for causes with her own special interest in ecology.

Extensive tours in the UK and US beginning in 1981 won acclaim and by early 1985, they were named the "Band of the '80s" by Rolling Stone magazine.

They chose their name after the famous spy plane U2.

Off to a slow start, it was not until 1980 that they had a break with a record deal.

Critics have occasionally lambasted Bono and his wife for mixing fame and lobbying, pop music with politics.

Despite a struggle balancing his commitments to his band and his social causes, his belief in both his worlds continues to drive him.

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