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He is last seen boarding a bus full of women who attended a hen party.

Although successfully killing six people, Silas attempted to murder Texas, Lynsey, Mercedes, Nancy Hayton (Jessica Fox), Brendan's sister Cheryl Brady (Bronagh Waugh) and Mercedes' half-sister Theresa Mc Queen (Jorgie Porter).

Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy described Silas as a dual role of the affable older man and sinister killer.

Silas is "old-fashioned" and dislikes women with "loose morals"; believing his murders as a positive, cleansing service to society.

On her way to their arranged date, India meets Silas, who reveals that he is Cameron.

Silas faked a heart attack after killing Joan, although it was later treated as a false alarm by the local hospital.He then made a guest appearance on E4's first-look episode on 5 February 2016. Silas was credited as "Mystery Man" in his first episode to keep his identity hidden.He is revealed to be Heidi Costello's (Kim Tiddy) father and the grandfather of Riley Costello (Rob Norbury), Seth Costello (Miles Higson) and Jason Costello (Victoria Atkin).He accidentally murders Heidi after mistaking her for Lynsey, before being arrested for his crimes.Silas left Hollyoaks on 4 November 2011, but returned for a guest stint on 19 July 2012, in an attempt to murder Texas again, but once again, refrains.

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