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Who is ryan higa dating 2016

Ryan has been able to meet fans in You Tube gatherings such as Vid Con, and since has meet and/or collaborated with other famous stars in the You Tube community and other celebrities.

Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi started posting You Tube videos of themselves lip-syncing to your mother's hiok songs in mid-2006 while attending Waiakea High School.

Better known as Nigahiga, Ryan is a famed Youtuber with over 20 million subscribers in his main channel just at the age of 27.

Ryan was born on June 6, 1990, to his parents Wendell and Luci in Hawai and belongs to the Asian ethnicity.

These group of people are also Ryan's friends but Ryan includes other groups of friends, celebrities, and You Tubers to take part in his videos at times as well.

All of these people are well recepted by You Tube and other media outlets.

Before then and since, his video quality has increased. Ryan or nigahiga, is regarded as one of the most consistent You Tubers of all time standing to figures such as Smosh and others.

This is due to him managing to stay relevant within the You Tube community since 2007.

However, since 2012 Higa has put together a production company, Ryan Higa Production Company (RHPC), which includes Fujiyoshi, who works together to make content for the nigahiga channel.

Because of this, nigahiga's lip synching videos were all removed (with the exception of You're Beautiful, which was audio swapped), along with most of his other videos that included copyrighted music.

Since then, Higa started composing the music himself.

His videos have made people's lives better as well as inspire people to create their own content on You Tube or other film or video platforms.

Some of his viewers have been inspired to do other things.

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On Christmas Eve of 2008, Higa and Fujiyoshi's two most popular videos, How To Be Gangster and How To Be Emo, were removed due to copyright violations.

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