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One big clue is the fact that, in "Wedding Eve," Sam admits he's got feelings for Diane. Sam being in love with someone else seemed to take away the guilt factor of audiences rooting for Jess and Nick, whereas Sam's description of being in love with his best friend felt like sneaky dialogue foreshadowing of what we expected to take place in the following episode.

Reagan's character and presence in Nick's life will be used as a catalyst to speed up Jess realizing that she still has feelings for Nick.I knew we were going to come back to it, but we had to figure out a way to get back into it that feels good for the show and the characters and will allow us to have stories.Part of the problem with season three was that we didn't know how to keep this feeling like an ensemble show and still have them together.At least Nick and Sam were able to make it a little more bearable.Jess should have known the moment she told Sam about asking Nick for help he would show up at the dealership.

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Winston has officially found the female version of himself – he certainly does have a specific type.