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For Harris, remaining accessible and yet tantalizing has become something of an art form, a survival skill devised in the decade after the former child actor had become a household name (courtesy of ABC’s late ‘80s hit, , ostensibly the actor’s life story, Harris remains almost impossible to truly know, even as he’s spilling his guts with a charming, irresistible combination of tomfoolery, pathos, true confessions, dada-ist sketches, and Stephen Sondheim quotes. My buddy, (magic consultant and author) Jim Steinmeyer, helped me come up with some tricks that would work within the book. I’m very pleased that the little boy from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who had his nose pressed up against the glass counter at The Magic Shop called Fool’s Paradise all those years ago, is now friends with and able to get advice from some of the greatest magicians of our time. From the outside looking in, and particularly as recounted in your book, you seem to effortlessly pull off this very cool hat trick, combining a persona that is equal parts Cary Grant, Tyler Durden, Kermit the Frog, and PT Barnum.And yet, a conversation with him reveals one simple fact: there are few mysteries in the world more entertaining than Neil Patrick Harris. So I break the wall of the book and give you these instructions: you go get a deck of cards and you perform the instructions exactly as they’re written and then the magic happens right there in front of you. (Laughs) I didn’t want to only be known as the little boy who played a doctor on television, so I was always seeking out new challenges, new ways to redefine myself.And those are just the things Neil Patrick Harris was paid to do.

(Yes, they're sophisticated NYC tots.) Keep reading to see what we're talking about!I’m always thinking ahead: if I answer this way, it might be construed that way. But you wouldn’t do that during our interview, would you? That creates extra work sometimes in having to clarify what you said.You don’t want to upset the balance of everything by saying or doing the wrong thing.I feel like that has been my job as an actor in my 20s and 30s. It’s more like a magic trick or a circus performer, which is not to take anything away from magicians or circus performers. Now that I have kids of my own, I feel like I’m more interested in telling stories, in making things, and I’ve started a production company called Prediction Productions and we’re going to start producing content that we think is informative, whether that be meaningful and thought provoking or instructional and educational.I want to start making things that have the potential to make bigger ripples. The role of Barney Stinson could have been so one-note, though the writing, obviously, got more complex as the show went on. Between you and me, that’s what made that chapter of my life so exciting.

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