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It's not easy for Virgos to relax sufficiently to enjoy the carefree social swim, because they're basically uncomfortable in crowds.They sometimes make attempts to follow the party routine, through pure frustration, butduty whistles too insistently to allow for much frivolity.They sparkle with intelligence and clarity of thought.There's a purity and tranquility of expression on Virgo features that seems to deny those secret worries.

He takes more baths and showers than any four people you know put together.Virgos are too busy to daydream, and they're usually too tired at night to wish on stars. One might even say he's affectionately attached to the habit.The first thing you'll notice about the typical Virgo is the definite impression he gives that there's a serious problem on his mind he's struggling to solve-or a vague feeling that he's secretly worried about something. It's an intangible thing, and elusive, but his delightful smile will always seem to be hiding some great trouble.The one with the tick-tock mind, clicking away the hours neatly and methodically noticing the smallest details?If you look closely, you can almost see him measuring each minute for what it's worth. See that quiet girl with the beautiful, soft eyes, waiting for the bus?

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  1. “In februari 2014 verliet mijn man me en liet me achter om voltijds voor mijn drie zoontjes te zorgen. Na maanden van huilen tot ik erbij neer viel, besloot ik dat ik mezelf moest herpakken. Ongelooflijk welke gevolgen je inschrijven op M4M kan hebben.