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The only thing I can think of is that they used the online Court Circular on the British Monarchy’s website, which doesn’t have everything listed. Kate’s 2017 Engagement Breakdown: As of 2017, Kate has a total of 16 patronages.This year, she visited 11 out of 16 of them for a total of 26 visits.Both Kate’s total number of visits to her patronages and total number of patronages visited is down slightly in 2017 compared to 2016, even though she gained three patronages in 2017.I created a handy little chart here for Kate’s patronages, listing how many times Kate visited each patronage, what her total number of visits was, and how many patronages she visited each year out of how many she has.For the rest of this review of Kate’s 2017 engagement numbers, I will be using my own engagement tally – which this year, for the first time, is the same as Tim O’Donovan’s.I have kept track of Kate’s engagements throughout the year at my Appearance Total 2017 page.Interestingly, this is the first year that Prince Harry has publicly outworked Prince William – logging 38 more engagements in the Court Circular.

* Keep in mind counting engagements is not a science, these number could be off.

She worked more days than she has any other year (if only slightly), and this is her third most productive year in terms of total engagement numbers.

Let’s begin with a look at Tim O’Donovan’s totals for 2017.

I’ve counted and categorized Kate’s engagements a certain way; others may or may not agree with how I’ve counted and categorized them, but that’s the way I’ve done things for this review.

Oddly enough, while it’s usually engagement totals that differ between different countings, it’s the days totals that are different between mine and the Press Association’s.

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Engagement Breakdown by Patronage: * According to The Times Court Circular, Kate’s visits to Wimbledon counted for both her patronages of the AELTC and the LTA, so technically she visited the LTA three times this year.

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