What five principles are used in relative dating

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What five principles are used in relative dating

The States will own the new Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge. The final estimate of the cost of the Interstate System was issued in 1991.

It estimated that the total cost would be 8.9 billion, with a Federal share of 4.3 billion.

After FHWA authorizes a State to proceed with a project, the State pays the bills for eligible activities, and then submits bills to the FHWA, which reimburses the State for the Federal share.

The FHWA makes a commitment (or "obligation") to reimburse the Federal share, but Interstate development takes several years.

Separate legislation allows the Federal Highway Administration to approve additional mileage if it meets full Interstate standards and would be a logical addition or connection.

Beyond the 42,795 miles, this additional mileage is not "chargeable"—that is, it is not eligible for Interstate Construction funds under the , as amended, although the State may use other Federal-aid funds to help with construction. The Interstate System was built under the principles of the Federal-aid highway program, which was established in 1916.

The report rejected the toll superhighway network Congress had suggested; revenue from tolls on most segments would not support the bonds issued for their construction. After taking office in January 1953, President Eisenhower made revitalizing the Nation's highways one of the goals of his first term.As a result, the FHWA obligation results in reimbursements to the State for the Federal share over several years.The included a provision named after Senator Harry Flood Byrd (D-VA), the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, to ensure the Highway Trust Fund would contain enough money to pay the bills.Later, during his World War II stint as Commander of the Allied Forces, his admiration for Germany's well-engineered Autobahn highway network reinforced his belief that the United States needed first-class roads.As a result, Eisenhower formed internal committees to study the idea, enlisted the Nation's Governors to offer suggestions, and met with Members of Congress to promote the proposal.

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Therefore, the plan the President submitted to Congress called for establishment of a Federal Highway Corporation to issue bonds to pay for the Interstate System up-front, with the Federal excise tax on gasoline and lubricating oil (which then went to the general Treasury without a linkage to highways) was dedicated to bond retirement.

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