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Updating training

Consequently, virtually every online course can benefit from periodic curricular updates.

Once online courses are developed and implemented, however, their curriculum might not be changed or updated for some time, if ever.

Once the decision to revise a curriculum is made, faculty and subject matter experts need to ask themselves four central questions: Coupled with these primary considerations should be an assessment of whether the individual interested in revising the course has the time and skills to do so effectively, and whether there is adequate institutional support for making the right changes to the curriculum. A Four-Fold Approach for Updating an Online Curriculum Why are these four questions important?

While different workplace contexts might emphasize these factors differently, and while many may include additional areas for update, answers to these questions are likely to have the greatest impacts on learning and the fundamental quality of the curriculum. An online learning experience that adheres to legal principles will uphold the reputation of the university and protect the rights of students.

Faculty adherence to the law can help keep legal liabilities for both the institution and the respective faculty member in check.A well-designed curriculum for online learning nurtures both student learning and student retention.While ideally value will be designed into an online curriculum from the start, the reality is that, across the spectrum of e-learning, there is a wide range of quality.The legal dimensions of curriculum redesign include three key areas: Any use of copyrighted text, images, videos, audio, or other content in an online course brings Intellectual property considerations into play.Given that de facto copyright ownership pertains once creative content has been put into fixed form, virtually anything created during the past few generations is automatically given copyright protections (unless that material is explicitly released by contract).

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Fair use exemptions and the TEACH Act (and its implications for distance education) allow very narrow uses of some small parts of copyrighted materials.