Updating sony blue ray firmware

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Updating sony blue ray firmware

These days, more Android TV boxes are making it easier to update firmware by using FOTA – Firmware Over The Air. If you only have an file, then an OTA firmware upgrade isn’t going to do you much good.Here’s how to install a new firmware image manually by using the Amlogic USB Burning Tool.During the installation process, the program will install the drivers that your PC will need to have in order to communicate with the TV box.The reason I connect the TV box at this step is from personal experience with an old Tronsmart Vega S89.Some devices, like the new MINIX NEO U1 dispense with the recovery button all together.For these TV boxes, you can usually get to Recovery Mode by holding down the power button for 5-6 seconds.Here, I’ve set it up in my Downloads directory in Windows 10 and created a sub-directory called “Amlogic.” Once you’ve extracted the file, you’ll see a file which will contain the version number.For this example, this is version v2.0.6.2, but that will certainly change as new versions are released. There’s an update feature in the application itself.

You want to make sure the pin or toothpick you use is non-conductive, just in case you touch an exposed wire or any other sensitive piece of hardware.The only minor hiccup I found was running across a “Windows protected your PC” message during the initial installation like the one below.This may or may not happen to you, depending on your settings.You will be making changes to system files on another device, so Windows wants to make sure you know what you’re doing, after all.Once you download that file, extract it into a temporary directory.

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You’re given the options of where you want to install the file…

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