Updating replicated data in distributed database Free tran sexual chat room

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The view definition itself must first be modified or dropped to remove dependencies on the table that is to be modified.Some of the replication control algorithms are − There is one master site and ‘N’ slave sites. A master algorithm runs at the master site to detect conflicts. The overall algorithm executes in the following two phases − In this approach the transactions in the system are serialized using a circulating token and executed accordingly against every replica of the database. A popular method of synchronization is store and forward method. These transactions are then queued for application in the secondary sites.In this method, one site is designated as the primary site and the other sites are secondary sites. The secondary sites are updated using rollout method only when a transaction is scheduled to execute on it.

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When you use SCHEMABINDING, the ) of tables, views, or user-defined functions that are referenced.

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