Updating portage tree

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* net-print/cups-pdf Latest version available: 1.5.2 Latest version installed: [ Not Installed ] Size of downloaded files: 15 k B Homepage: Description: Provides a virtual printer for CUPS to produce PDF files.

When this is done, you need to rebuild the applications that were dynamically linked to the now-removed software titles but don’t require them anymore.

Most users will work with Portage through the by default.

Whenever you ask Portage to perform some action regarding software titles, it will use the ebuilds on your system as a base.

It is therefore important that you regularly update the ebuilds on your system so Portage knows about new software, security updates, etc.

Updating the Portage Tree The Portage tree is usually updated with rsync, a fast incremental file transfer utility.

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If you have altered any of your USE flags lately you might want to add on the package won’t have much effect as the dependencies remain on the system.

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