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One is easier to use but not as versatile, the other is harder to use but lets you do pretty much anything (within my experience anyway! Which approach you use will depend on your project requirements.

If you literally want to write a password resetting tool or a simple phone book then the on its own.

Using this approach doing things like setting the password or enabling/disbaling the account is much more cryptic in the way in which it is achieved, often requiring UAC codes to be manually set and so on.

MSDN Documentation The ‘newer’ approach is to use which was designed to make managing AD through . Rather than accessing properties using an array they are exposed directly within the classes (and typed accordingly), allowing us to use things like property which can be used to easily manage accounts.

In all of the examples where the program asks for a username the program then matches this to the field , which is what the AD GUI refers to as ‘Full Name’ and is what is listed as ‘name’ in the tabulated account lising of Active Directory Users and Computers.This means that you could start a program with the newer approach but if you find it too limiting drop into the older approach half way through and have full access.This is not a very neat approach but does work well, we will have a look at how this works in example 8.It exposes only a small number of the LDAP fields that you may want to use (name, description, email, home dir and phone is about it) so if you need access to a more obscure property it won’t suffice.One thing that’s worth noting is that you can use the newer libraries to get a method.

updating ldap-61updating ldap-61updating ldap-51

These are self explanatory in use once you have retrieved the object from AD so are not included in the examples!

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