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Posted by / 19-Jun-2020 03:09

Once we have intellisense, auto-complete and error checking on our own code, it is natural to want that awesomeness also for the 3rd party libraries we use. After spending way too much time on that, my suggestion is not to do that: Due to the dynamic nature of Java Script many libraries include various dynamic return types and arguments.

Type Script, on the other hand, likes us tread slowly.

We could always start a new dummy project just for our prototyping, but sometimes we want to prototype inside our current Type Script project.

What I would actually like to do is to disable Type Script while I am prototyping, and then enable it later when I decided how to proceed.

It then enables Intelli Sense using its own mechanism.

We’ve heard reports of a few people running into this – and since the behavior is pretty confusing we are modifying the profile import behavior with the final release of VS 2010 to avoid it.

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I’ve been using Type Script for a few months and while I find it a must in any project beyond the most basic proof-of-concept, I did find myself being slowed down by it in some ways.