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Updating indexes eclipse

I used seperate workspaces and downloaded the same project down from our SVN, so the project I'm using to test this is identical in both workspaces.

Can you please explain what is the problem exactly?

Nexus Index Manager.update Remote Index(Nexus Index Manager.java:1060) at org.eclipse.internal.index.

Nexus Index Manager.update Index(Nexus Index Manager.java:1013) at org.eclipse.internal.index.

Then I open eclipse and it begins to update indexes (maybe because of the embedded maven): Updating index Downloading central : When it finishes this upload (about 15 minutes), I add the maven installation in Window-- And I click on Reindex local repository.

I receive the error: 3/11/09 CET: [WARN] Error scanning context: local Cannot delete C:\Workspaces\ISS_maven2\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse\nexus\loca l\_43/11/09 CET: Unable to reindex local repository Then I remove the index from eclipse view "Maven Indexes", restart Eclipse and in "Maven Indexes" I update the local index properly.

Prior to this update, Eclipse used Lucene 5 for search indexing, which no longer supports Lucene 3 indexes.

-- Regards, Igor Are you able to build your projects using maven 3.0-beta-1 from cli?

0.9.8, and a new one, built with a fresh download of Eclipse.

Besides the m2e plugin, only Subsclipse has been installed.

Also, as far as I know, both maven and m2e only support http(s) out of the box, so your projects must be explicitly configured to use ssh wagon and maven central repository (or a mirror) must be configured and accessible over http in order for scp repository access to work.

-- Regards, Igor Chew wrote: I will check, if the build using maven 3.0-beta-1 works.

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