Updating bios for asus p5gc mx 1333 Sexvisio

Posted by / 13-Mar-2020 15:41

edit:but if you must i would go to download a dos boot floppy image (preferably the driverless boot disk extract the raw disk image, mount it with sudo mount -o loop 'image' /media/floppy, place the flash utility/image, unmount the disk and either copy it to a usb disk or use k3b (or similar burning utility) to burn the image to the boot sector of a blank cd I agree with frieza here, be very careful when flashing the BIOS, you can easily permanently brick your system.

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Correct Me , If I'm going the Wrong Way.(USB F8 is the last option BTW) Thanks. If I read the motherboard manual entry correctly, you can use a USB flash drive to flash with the the Award flash utility.

The USB stick should be formatted as FAT/VFAT and must contain nothing but the contents of the BIOS download. If you are flashing from the oldest to the newest BIOS, you might consider first revising up to an intermediate version number. If your system does not have the Award flash utility under BIOS revision 0312, you might try this approach, booting to DOS on a USB flash drive to run AFUDOS.

) called "AFUDOS" Which I've downloaded along with latest BIOS . I want to know if any one tried updating using AFUDOS utility?

I need Help that to how to format USB drive and what all DOS Files are needed?

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But the problem is I cant make any bios I've downloaded to work..