Updating basement

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Updating basement

While basements get a bad rap at times, if built finished out or remodeled later on, they actually offer a wealth of extra living space for many purposes and activities.

For instance, a media room, living room, wine cellar, wet bar, gym, office, playroom, man's cave, laundry and guest room are all popular choices for basement spaces.

A structural engineer should inspect any cracks that are wider than a pencil.

Fix moisture problems first, then follow our pro tips on methods and materials.

If your house is hooked up to a municipal water supply, invest in a water-powered backup pump that's juiced by pressure in the supply line. His tips: • Install diverters to send gutter water at least 10 feet from the foundation. • Seal small cracks or gaps around pipes with concrete-patching compound.

It's best to have both a battery backup for your main pump, in case of a power outage, and a second pump, in case the first one gives out.

I placed an easy to care for tropical plant in a basket to disguise an unsightly pipe that I previously painted white. We hung a bamboo shade to tie in the jute rug & make the space feel less like a basement.

I filled an empty corner space with a stool that doubles as a table when not in use.

Both got the highest scores on a standard lab test for mold resistance.

Best for: Avid DIYers on tight budgets How it's done: It's the tried-and-true traditional method: A vapor barrier and rigid-foam insulation are laid over foundation walls, followed by a stud frame and drywall.

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