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Updating apple tv

Some add-ons, such as most video, audio, and picture add-ons, are compatible with multiple versions.Kodi v15 will continue to work with many add-ons from as far back as v13.As long as your My SQL server is set up to allow XBMC/Kodi to make new databases for the upgrade itself (see My SQL/Upgrading) then you don't need to do anything for upgrading a My SQL set up for Kodi.Even if you use "XBMC" in your file, you can leave this the same and everything will still work.However, if you do have an issue with any add-on not working, please report it to the author of that add-on. Add-on developers should also see Isengard API changes, and skinners should also read the sticky posts in the Skin Development Forum for full changelog on changes to the skinning engine).

While there are major changes, great effort was taken to minimize breakage of skins, add-ons, smartphone/tablet remotes, and other such elements, for v15. Bigger than a typical bugfix release, as it contains a lot of new code, new features, and refinements, but minus the major skin and add-on changes that a typical major release would bring.The video playback setting for cropping black bars has been removed due to various bugs.Team Kodi is looking for any developers who might be interested in creating replacement code and is willing to guide them.Team Kodi looked for a replacement and even tried to make our own replacement AFP client code, but in the end it didn't work out.The HTSP protocol was a way for older versions of Kodi/XBMC to access Tvheadend before PVR/live TV features were officially added to Kodi/XBMC.

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"Isengard" is the codename for version 15, just as "Gotham" was the codename for XBMC v13 and "Helix was the codename for Kodi v14".