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In that segment, my language became especially strong: I did things like refer to men as The Oppressive Class, for instance. And so I strengthened my “nearly-militant, obviously feminist” tone, in an effort to make up for that: to make it clear that I’m still part of the fold — a feminist arguing in feminists’ interests. I agree with Toy Soldier that this may not have been the best tactic.

In part this was meant as mild irony on my part, but in part it was also because my intended audience was feminists**** and I knew that feminists might take some of the things I was saying badly. In general, I try to support debating as charitably and with as reasonable a tone as possible, which is something I did not succeed at in Part 3.

My degree is in Philosophy, Religious Studies and Studio Art, not anything gender-related — and when I was in college I remember that I often viewed hard-line feminist assertions with suspicion.

I would irritably characterize them as “conspiracy theories”: these people seemed to think there was some secret society of evil men sitting around and plotting to ruin their lives, which clearly was not the case! :grin: The problem is, of course, exacerbated by the fact that definitions of feminism have become so varied and so many different issues have been attached to feminism by different people.*** In other words, almost my entire gender/sex background is idiosyncratic and self-trained.

The posts weren’t intended to be prescriptive — I don’t have much of an agenda beyond “create more conversations around sex and gender”.Still, it’s true that I defined some problems, and the terms, in heavily feminist ways.And it may be that if we want to get the ball rolling on widespread discussion of masculinity, we aren’t going to be able to do that without softening feminist edges and feminist slants on the discussion spaces.(Famous German feminist Alice Schwarzer once said, “Female masochism is collaboration.” Many feminist spaces have a long tradition of excluding or marginalizing BDSM, like the Michigan Womyn’s Festival, which incidentally has a similar history with trans people.Nine Deuce, a popular radical feminist blogger, has been known to assert that sadists are morally obligated to either repress their sadistic desires or kill themselves.

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