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I have my preferred age range specifically set for a reason.Do you think I set it that way so some underaged girl can try to pull a quick one on me? No, I won't buy you and your friends a handle of Pink Lemonade Burnett's. That doesn't mean that women can't be just as baffling at times, but often, men just simply don't have a way with words, especially when it comes to online dating.These seemingly innocent descriptors, to the untrained eye, could be interpreted as totally normal, but seasoned online dating vets (like Urasek and yours truly) know better.Men want to see your smile because it's the expression we want to be causing you to make. Don't have half-naked pictures of yourself in your profile. What I'm talking about are pictures that most women would only send to someone they trust.I don't care if making a duck face accentuates your cheek bones. To specify, don't have intentionally promiscuous, half-naked pictures of yourself. Yes, you'll get a ton of right swipes because of those pictures, but the guys swiping right on those are the same guys you're constantly complaining about. If you have no bio, you're essentially saying, "I think I'm so hot that I don't need to be interesting at all in order for guys to like me." I suppose that's fine if you're just looking for a hookup, considering being able to hold a conversation is the least important quality to have in that kind of situation.However, the ridiculously high number of fake female profiles on Tinder has caused men to look at profiles through a microscope in hopes of determining whether they're real or fake.Unfortunately, simply being a real person on Tinder isn't enough to automatically warrant a right swipe from a guy who's "introduce to the parents" material.

I assume this will make girls think that my life is unpredictable and exciting, when in reality I spend every Friday at the dive bar on the corner making uncomfortably prolonged eye contact with unsuspecting women.Or, as Urasek accurately puts it: "I'm an overgrown man-child who drinks until AM and then passes out surrounded by my four roommates."Translation: You should be skinny, and go to the gym at least as often as me, which is five days a week. Or Urasek's slightly more blunt take: "No fatties, please, and if you have cellulite on your ass, it's a definite NO."Translation: I also think girls shouldn't wear too much makeup because the "natural" look is so much sexier than that Kylie Jenner sh*t.I want to date someone who is "chill" and won't get worked up over the little things, like me grabbing another girl's ass in front of her.The fact that you have your standards hammered down to an exact inch makes me feel like you're extremely shallow. The fact that you like to heartlessly judge people's appearances in your free time makes you seem like an awful human being. If all of your pictures are very similar, I assume you only look good when photographed from that angle and making that expression.If you're looking for a guy who's 6'2", weighs 186 pounds, never needed braces, rescued a puppy named Eli, was born in the Midwest, loves Jose Cuervo and is allergic to Pine-Sol, then get off of Tinder and hire a professional head hunter. Who cares if that's not actually the case, I'll never know otherwise because you did a horrible job of marketing yourself.

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Translation: I confuse confidence with "snarkiness" because I don't understand women who have strong opinions.

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