Top dating songs

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Top dating songs

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There are viral sensations that caught our attention, and underground tracks that some of us have yet to discover.You can tell that they were really good friends on and off screen. During an interview with Ellen De Generes, Demi was asked if her song "Ruin the Friendship" is about her friend Nick Jonas, which is a pretty good theory considering the singer does play guitar and smoke cigars.Even today, they and the rest of the Disney Channel fam keep in touch. According to Demi, she'll never say, but that doesn't mean fans won't keep guessing who it's about... Either way, you'll definitely want to call your bestie or give a pal a hug after this one.To have two of your favorite stars in the same film was life-changing. You breakup with your boo and then someone asks the question, "Can we be friends?And as if the movie wasn't enough, Delena blessed us with "One and the Same," one of Disney's legendary collabs. " The majority of people don't think it's possible to remain amicable after a breakup, but hey, whatever works for you. Aqua was busy pursuing her fashion career, and Chanel was just a step away from breaking off her friendship with Galleria.

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Some of them, like Willie Nelson, have enjoyed wide appeal and long careers; others, like Patsy Cline, died young and left a small but lasting musical legacy.