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Whichever SEP Client finds itself on that IP address, will then start acting as a GUP.

Live Update, and Add or Edit a Live Update Settings Policy.

This is the second article of five where we will explain how the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) agent can do so much more than simple malware detection and how you can improve performance.

In this issue, our own resident SEP sage will explain how SEP can be configured to reduce network traffic by leveraging the Group Update Provider (GUP) functionality.

There is obviously more administrative overhead in using this option, but may be of use if you want the versatility of adding a single criterion to identify a variety of machines without having to rename them (which involve reboots).

You can choose between the presence or absence of a registry key, key name, or a match on a key value.

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Just tell a group of SEP clients which one(s) among them are to starting acting as GUPs, and youre away!

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