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They all held Cambridge as the crucible of their creativity. For those of you for whom the popular culture of the last 50 years has been so much froth on the pond of time, Syd Barrett was the singer with the psychedelic rock n roll band, Pink Floyd.

They are almost an industry in their own right: their lead guitarist David Gilmour is reputed to be worth in excess of £85m.

The eclectic mix and match style of crockery will add a refreshing touch of vintage charm to any occasion.

In If that Englishness in [his] music can be encapsulated in words at all, those words would probably be: ostensibly familiar and commonplace, yet deep and mystical as well as lyrical, melodic, melancholic, and nostalgic, yet timeless.Frances Cornford’s famous lines about Rupert Brooke are very helpful to my ramblings here: The long littleness of life is precisely what Rupert, Gwen, Frances and Syd were digging worm holes through.They became myths precisely because each of them showed us transcendence in the littleness, the quotidian of life.The penetrating power of what Rupert, Gwen, Frances and Syd did lies in how they present that quintessentially English nostalgia, how they transmitted it.With none of them was it ever commercial, cloying, clichéd or cluttered with sentiment.

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The pub’s website has this: Where better than overlooking the outstanding beauty of Grantchester meadows, to have a truly English vintage cream tea.

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