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I have done almost all he has asked so why Im I not getting an bigger gift that the panties. Good tips & basics for the beginning sugar baby’s like myself.I told him to start with I need a car and he said ok but how long or should I wait for something.. Are their tips on how to talk long distance & get gifts etc for your time??I’ve told him about this and explained I need financial help not shopping trips and expensive gifts,but he hasnt understood yet and I’m scared to ask him for more money next month in case he just gets annoyed and doesn’t want to be my Sugar Daddy anymore. sugar daddy made the arrangement of allowance i accepted it.. Do you have any advice on asking to change our arrangement or to be given a bit extra money? he said he give certain amount today.(which was 2 days ago).. i confronted him tonight about the allowance and what he said to me.. now he wants an exhange but thats not what wr discussed now i have to work for it…?

I want to buy lingerie and shoes and beautiful clothes. He has plans on taking me with him on businesstrips abroad etc.

It would be an awesome tip for the circumstance of that.

Thanks much, Daisy👍 Hi ladies and gents, So I am all the way in Montreal and I am realizing the game here is sooo different. I find my dating life on seeking arrangements is complicated.

this is some very good advice I’ve meeting a man after five months of just casual dating and really getting to know and enjoying each others company. I do not go out much so I am really looking for a man who is down to just have a conversation. There has been no sex involved but he is starting to pressure.

we’re now getting to the point of serious convo and to a firm agreement as far as allowances are concerned. 😉 I live on my own and have bills to pay and pets to feed, life is a struggle for me but with all of these generous and big-hearted men on here, I know I can find somebody willing to help out a girl in need. However, sex is NOT an option and it is NOT negotiable. My dilemma is I am interested in someone else closer to my age in a normal relationship. Do you tell the man you have feelings for about the arrangement?

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