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Starview 4 data updating

See also Star View for Star Center Video Tutorials ○ Now your call data is available via RESTful API.Automatically archive your data, import into your database, or integrate the call data with a third party application with ease.Today's technology allows the convenient remote control of telescopes.Thus, telescopes can be set up far away from interference due to civilization and, at the same time, many people can be given access to the telescope.The telescope can be moved into the four sky directions, directed to a particular object from a database, or sent to particular coordinates.Furthermore pictures can be taken with the CCD camera and sent to the user.Star View for Star Center is a powerful and flexible analytics tool that provides Star2Star Star Center customers with a comprehensive view of call activity / data.Options are available for real time displays, historical reports (including scheduled) and a “Snapshot” which is a low profile, always on-top application that scrolls key Star Center metrics across the user's display.

The telescope used is a Meade twelve-inch Schmidt Cassegrain Model LX200.

An twelve-inch Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain and a CCD camera have been connected to a computer.

A Web interface was developed and the whole system was hooked up to the Internet.

Both axes are microprocessor-controlled and due to this remote operation ability over the serial port is possible.

The CCD cameras used during the experimental phase is a Quickcam.

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