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Speed dating in nassau county

Pashley in his travels in Crete, in 1836, but was prevented by illness, which is much to be regretted, as we should probably have been spared the copy of a bad French map, which now disfigures an otherwise beautiful work.In 1840 Adam was given leave by the Admiralty to join Sir Robert Schomburgk as assistant surveyor on an expedition to map and survey the boundaries of Britsh Guiana.Was promoted to the rank of Commander in the Royal Navy, July 1, 1864. Brant's full account of the journey was reported in My arrangements being completed, and the weather having become apparently settled, after a late and wet spring, I left Erẓ-Rúm on the 16th of June, 1838, accompanied by Mr.Adam Gifford Glascott, of her Majesty's navy, who had volunteered to make a map of our route, and my surgeon, Dr. The journey in what is now eastern Turkey, took them from the city now named Erzurum (then Erẓ-Rúm), to Muş (Músh), a detour to Elazığ (Kharpút), then on to Bitlis, Van, an ascent of Seiban Tagh (Sapán Tágh), the second highest peak in the region after Mount Ararat - becoming the first Europeans to do so, then to Doğubeyazıt (Báyazíd), as close as they could come to Mount Ararat, and back to Erzurum. On the ascent of Sapán Tágh, many of the party fell ill, probably due to a combination of altitude sickness and volcanic gases. Glascott so giddy that he could not continue taking his bearings without every few minutes quitting his work to rest; I had an intense headache; two persons were so affected that they could not proceed beyond the foot of the cone; one who mounted it descended at once, and on getting back vomited violently; even those who remained with the horses suffered from pain in the head. The Beg was informed of the robbery, but no detection followed.

The quickly recalled medicoes renewed their operations and the blood suddenly burst from mouth and nose to such an extent that it was six hours before it could be arrested.

I was at first apprehensive for his sight; but am now happy that my fears on that score are entirely removed.

Our survey of the Barima was finished by the 19th of May; ...

With the exception of some of our provisions, which were damaged, all our other baggage was disembarked in good order.

I resolved on remaining at the mouth of the Waini a sufficient length of time to enable me to fix the geographical situation of that point with with some precision, and also for the purpose of ascertaining to what extent the entrance of the river was navigable.

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Although on the route from Músh to Mezirah no astronomical observations were taken, yet my road book gave the Latitude of the latter place within one minute, and the Longitude within seven of the astronomical position; these errors I applied proportionally to each station from whence bearings and distances had been noted, and the change in the positions of some of the towns on that route, by so doing, was scarcely perceptible.