Speed dating college students boston

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Speed dating college students boston

The Connect U creators said they had an "oral contract" with Zuckerberg to finish building their site.

He was not paid to do the work, they said, but he was a full member of their team and would have reaped any future rewards.

But none was a serious programmer, so they enlisted the help of several students.

One of those students, referred by another programmer, was Zuckerberg.

Thefacebook's new twist on a generic idea was to focus on students and to create smaller communities by limiting members to viewing other people on their own campus.

While some wonder whether it will be a passing fad, Thefacebook appears to have cornered the market at many schools, and 5,000 members are believed to be signing up each day.

They said he dragged out the work for more than two months.

The three set up a website quoting from Zuckerberg's e-mails to them.

Winklevoss, his twin brother, Cameron, and another friend, Divya Narendra, all of whom graduated from Harvard in the spring, said they conceived of the idea of an online network for Boston-area students more than a year and a half ago.The Connect U creators got nowhere with their complaints at Harvard.Indeed, Summers joked in his welcome to freshmen last week that he got to know them through Thefacebook rather than through their application essays."I was a student who agreed to help a fellow student," he said."I did not agree to complete their project."A computer science and psychology major, he was well-known at Harvard for another website, Facemash, when Connect U asked him for help.

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CAMBRIDGE -- Few trends have swept college campuses with the speed and force of Thefacebook.com, a website that allows students to create a personal page and then network with classmates.

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