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Basically, every woman here has her own agenda, and like men, every woman will handle thier pof account in thier own way.It is up to you, the one interested at this point, to try and guage if she is actually interested or not.I like to chat for a couple of days and then ask if things are going well, I highly doubt they would even give me the number when conversation has been as dry as this??I could try it I suppose but I am a bit skeptical about such a forward approach All joking and razing aside. I personally wouldn't let a conversation go more then 5-6 exchanges without asking for the number as long as things have been going well.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate."I write a paragraph a time with humor, charm and flirtatiousness""So I am being engaging and flirty, yet charming and respectful in my messages"Sorry, but you may be being these thing in your messages, but "you" believe your a writing like this. Self proclaimed engaging, flirty, charming and respectful great self image, but other people may not perceive your messages like that. EDIT: "Please people stop with the easy to write bullsh*t of move on"Have a bit of a temper, do we?Just saying maybe your messages aren't as good as you think they are. Hey, you come on a public forum asking questions and demand only the answers you deem acceptable? hehe"I am looking for an explanation as to why they think one word answers is ok. I'd consider a one-word response not even worth sending.Flipper, your next move is, "so let's talk on the phone, what's your phone number? "Why don't you ask *them* instead of demanding speculation? If not interested, I'd expect no message or some version of "thanks but no thanks"; if interested, I'd expect something of substance.Are you asking them questions or just making statements?

If I didn’t have corrective contact lenses, I wouldn’t have even been able to see them. But whatever, you get my point.) These messages were like these little lifesavers thrown out to me, a person who was drowning in a cesspool of filth and sewage water, only to be just as quickly cast aside because, even though they were nice enough, relatively speaking, the guys who sent them were fifty-two years old or were self-described “fitness models” or went by the user name “Lets Fck Around.”Look, I know it isn’t easy out there for dudes, either. So guys have some pressure—they’re the ones who have to “make a move” and then just wait while my friends and I gasp and laugh and email each other the complete garbage they’ve just sent us. I am interested in the grouping and analysis of small disasters.I knew, very literally, that love wasn’t going to happen overnight. We poured ourselves glasses of wine and set about describing ourselves in the best, most attractive, most unique, most intriguing ways we possibly could. Is this what guys are thinking when they list their heights as five-ten even though you know, in your heart, that they are five-seven? It didn’t matter what he looked like (or what I look like, for that matter), or if we had anything in common, or what we were even talking about. More fitting would be “trite,” “absurd,” “weirdly insulting,” and “grotesque expressions of the soul-sucking vortex known as humanity.” Some messages were innocuous enough, but these were in the minority. Less horrifying.) For some reason it seems like standard operating procedure, among those with opposite-sex interests, that GUYS message GIRLS and that is that. I am, however, interested in the betterment of humankind. But I also knew that if I really wanted to meet someone as much as I was saying I did, I might have to step outside my Comfort Zone, which is what I call my flannel pajamas, and into the big, hopeful, scary world of Internet dating. My friend Jenna came over on a Wednesday night, because it was February first, and we decided that something like this should happen on a first day of the month. I mean, yes, technically I’m five-eleven and a half, but I’m not going to round up to six feet online, am I? I checked out the profile of the guy who’d messaged me—tall, dorky, kind of funny—and though I didn’t find him all that attractive, I impulsively decided to chat with him anyway. On the first day of online dating, that is sort of all you really need. I think I was just overwhelmed by how much it took me back to middle school, flirting (well, talking) with boys on AIM for the first time. ” Everyone was always telling me that, if nothing else, having an online dating profile would be a confidence booster because of all the flattering messages I’d receive. Of the many, many things that my messages could have been called, “flattering” is not one of them.You could try telling them it is frustrating only getting one word replies and that you dont see how anyone can get to know anyone communicating like that.You could ask them if they would mind swapping phone #'s to talk more.

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When a little message popped up in the bottom right-hand corner of my screen saying “Hello, tall girl,” I screamed. I say “around” because I deleted so many of them immediately (having them sit in my inbox felt contaminating) that I cannot report with scientific precision the exact count. I actually think it makes me decidedly un-special, because to many of the messages’ authors I was clearly no more than one more female-looking thing who might be intrigued by the dashing brevity of a message reading only “sup?