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Lie naked in bed and have your guy stand at the doorway to the bedroom.Test how well he knows you by asking him questions about yourself — they can range from sexy (what's your favorite position) to personal (name your dream vacation spot).See how many different sex positions you can fit into a single sex sesh before you finish. Concentrate on how kissing feels on different parts of your body, think about all the ways you can touch each other that don't involve vaginal intercourse, and get out of that "penis vagina = sex" headspace that prevents people from exploring other sexy alternatives.(This is a great way to make sex last longer in general, btw). together, and tell your partner they can pick one thing they want to see you wear, no questions as asked.

Don't let them show you what they bought until you get home from the shopping trip.For each correct answer, he gets to move one step closer to you; if he's wrong, he takes a step back.Once he correctly answers enough questions to reach the bed, go at it.Bring it home and make a rule that you won't use it until that special occasion. Think about how good it will feel, let it be part of your dirty talk, whatever gets you pumped.It'll feel like Christmas morning for everyone when you finally get to unwrap your gift.

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