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I think knowing me they would be afraid that I wouldn't just look, but if they didn't have that fear I think they would say yes.r8 - next time you are in the locker room, just say to them all at once: Hasn't any one of you ever once had a girlfriend tell you to trim your goddamn pubes? Then right before you leave the lockerroom, turn to them and declare: YOUR WELCOME. I had a friend whip it out in front of his wife to prove that he was cut.

But you know if you pushed it any further, they would completely shut down and you end up looking like the predator. I didn't ask it just came up and there was drinking involved. If the guy is secure in his sexuality he most likely won't care.[quote] OP? I've probably seen all my straight buddies naked in locker rooms or in saunas but tbh I'm not too sure how many would whip out dick for me without a reason.Although about a year ago he hinted that he wanted to visit me because he wanted to see me again. But if they are homophobic, it is much more difficult.Some men don't care at all; I once had a straight roommate that would walk naked to the shower and back without even thinking about it.Treat them like young men treat women) so asking would just erode all the trust.The homophobes in my family still think every gay man is lusting after their wrinkly asses and dying to penetrate them.

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Actually almost every guy I asked was willing to pose nude for me. I can think of one or two who might, depending on how drunk they were and how private that conversation was (i.e.

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