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Here are some specific topics to address: Healthy Teen Relationships: Role modeling is the most effective tool in teaching your child what a healthy relationship looks like.But in addition to seeing it in action, young people need to be taught that a healthy relationship includes mutual respect, understanding, trust, honesty, communication and support.It’s about showing compassion when needed, lending an attentive ear, and reminding them they can always come to you with questions or concerns about their relationship and/or sex.

Offer Your Support: Your teen needs to know they can count on you for support.

Click here to be taken to Love Is for a comprehensive list of the various types of dating abuse and their warning signs.

Differences between Infatuation, Lust and Love: During adolescence infatuation and lust are oftentimes mistaken for “love,” as they can all elicit those feel-good butterflies and goosebumps. Typically based on physical attraction, infatuation can happen instantly, and even with someone you don’t know.

This will help to set the foundation for a lifetime of trust and open dialogue between you and your child, on a variety of important topics.

Ever since Eve gave Adam that forbidden fruit, demonizing and disbelieving women has been the planet-wide policy.

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