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In fact, in some congressional races, they already have.

“They voted for the original gerrymander and now they’re trying to pretend like they didn’t,” said liberal activist David Diano after a public tête-à-tête with Davidson.

Jonathan Lai covers issues related to rights and explores our changing understanding of them. Reflective,” tweeted Margo Davidson, a Delaware County state lawmaker running for Congress.

Topics include freedom of expression, gerrymandering, and digital privacy and security. “Major win for democracy,” retweeted Philadelphia City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, a former member of the General Assembly. congressional map went from 28 county splits in 2011 to 13,” tweeted State Rep.

Frank Dermody, leader of the House Democrats now and in 2011, denied “whipping for votes” — and said he voted against the plan because it was clear it was a Republican gerrymander.

Harry Readshaw said a Democrat in Congress — he declined to say who — sent him a note encouraging his vote.“My politics are always local,” said Johnson, then a Democrat in the state House.The Inquirer and Daily News spoke with more than a dozen Democratic state and federal lawmakers who supported the map in 2011.If they fought back, it could certainly be worse, they thought. “Democrats were afraid their districts would be cut up into a lot of pieces.” Two incumbent western Democrats, Jason Altmire and Mark Critz, were drawn into the same district; Altmire wrote a letter to state Democrats, asking them to support the map.Altmire ultimately lost in the primary election to Critz, who in turn lost to a Republican in the general election, resulting in the surprise loss of two seats in 2012.

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More than one in three Democrats in the state House voted for the 2011 map.