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I want to thank and compliment Lola and Don the pharmacist for being willing to fill three last minute prescriptions and solving my problem.

Not only were they efficient, but they were also very friendly and accommodating.

I got terminated because they allege that I was rude to a customer. I have watched the way management and the trainers have looked at me and acted towards me, like they hate me when they don’t know me.

Bottom line, thanks to Tyler and all those who tried so hard to help me.

Reply I have been reading all these negative complaints on Walgreens Pharmacy’s and I have always had good positive experience’s with my primary Walgreens Pharmacy and also wanted to compliment two people at another Walgreens Pharmacy I went to recently.

I arrived about pm and as I walked up to the counter Lola asked me if I was the one needing the prescriptions for my wife.

They were waiting for me and immediately filled the prescriptions when I handed them to her.

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Answer 1: The phone number for Walgreens is (847) 315-2500. 2, 2018) had a problem with getting a very expensive prescription. However a pre authorization was needed from my insurance and the process started with my provider of service. I had to pay over a thousand dollars up front however because I had to have my medication.