Sex dating in kent city michigan

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Information about you like I wrote above about me and anything else you'd like to say or add. Don’t want to give too much away, but you find yourself reading the post of a dude that is a sports nerd, lover of photography and travels, binge watcher of Friends and HIMYM, obsessor of good music and as random of a person as discussing shower thoughts as my normal thoughts.I'm happy to send pictures back once I believe you're the person in the picture/s you sent. If you’re down with that, why don’t ya slide into those PMs in the most non-creepy way possible? My last few posts received a lot of praise, but I don’t think I had more than 2 people message me overall. If you're confused about where you've landed, this is the gist of this place - "r4r" stands for "redditor for redditor" and is meant to be the de facto reddit community for people meeting people for anything.That's fellow students, dating, playing music together, marriage prospects, penpals, playing board games, hookups, movie/tv-watching, sharing poetry, FWBs, celebrity gossip, video games, sports talk, meme-sharing, etc etc etc.Moderators reserve the right to remove posts and/or ban users upon their discretion Hey, what's up, /r/r4r? This is a followup to a previous post by fellow mod, /u/Scuba95: [META] Important changes to posting rules /r/r4r now has a karma minimum that needs to be met in order to post and comment.That's aside from the account age minimum that needs to be met in order to post and comment.That's total karma between posts and comments, doesn't matter what the distribution is. It's all part of /r/r4r's neverending battle against bots, spammers, scammers, catfish, trolls, harassers, and low quality individuals that don't want to take any time to learn about reddit or /r/r4r.

Posting more frequently than 1 time per 24 hours will be considered spam.Physical Attributes I am a 22, soon to be 23 year old man.I’m Filipino, fairly athletic, but I’m held back by my love of food. I’ll be honest, that’s not a sign that I care, it’s a sign that I’m interested.Exchanges for money, goods, or services are strictly prohibited.No sexism, racism, homophobia, posts, or rudeness will be tolerated.

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About me: I'm 25, about 5' 10" and in average shape. But chilling at home, eating and watching netflix in the AC is amazing too. I have two awesomely cute dogs that I love to show off too. Got ghosted a lot or messaged by people not interested in sharing pics at the start.

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