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The Old Cloverdale neighborhood between Huntingdon College and Alabama State University boasts tree-laden yards just off Fairview Avenue, plus a quaint strip of diverse eateries and watering holes like Leroy, alongside art galleries and an indie movie theater of local legend, the Capri.Despite its 200,000-plus population, Montgomery’s city sights are so easily navigable it feels more like a burgh than a bustle.The best reason to stop north of the river might be the new home of one of the state’s oldest breweries, Diamond Bear, that began in a former car dealership in Little Rock and moved north when it needed to stretch its legs and become a full-blown alehouse.

Proximity is one of the biggest draws, as you're right next to places like Leadville and Salida with their historic mine tours and cultural events and hyper-specific historical societies based around trains or pioneering.So yes, while Montgomery boasts historical landmarks like the tiny First White House of the Confederacy, it answers with the estimable Civil Rights Memorial & Center, featuring a commemorative wall by the same designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC.Music fans of all backgrounds will find the Hank Williams Museum flat-out charming; it’s a five-minute walk from there to the Double A-affiliate Biscuits baseball stadium.If you have a family that wants to unplug or if you have a novel you intend to finish: this is the Colorado you want to hunker down in.Pretty much every Hollywood vision of Connecticut involves Yale students rowing a quick mile before genteelly sipping bourbon cocktails at an a cappella concert -- meanwhile, Hamden is one town away from New Haven, and somehow worlds different.

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Jutting out at the edge of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula is Homer, the Cape Cod of the Last Frontier.