Saudi girls sex

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Saudi girls sex

We waited there for over an hour as the guy was late, he answered no phone calls while we waited and we began to think we had made the journey there in vain.Eventually he did turn up and said for us to follow him onto the bridge and stay directly behind him all the way through the first checkpoint.There are many people working in Saudi Arabia who find themselves for one reason or another living there illegally and then wish to know how to escape from Saudi Arabia.It has happened to myself as a westerner once and I know many others who have had problems.With us both having similar problems we made inquiries through some of the contacts we had made in the kingdom and were put in touch with a shady character who said he could get us out of the country without problem over the bridge to Bahrain.So we made the arrangements and agreed to meet this guy in the services as you drive onto the causeway on a Wednesday night when it was very busy.So not only had the HR department made the mistake they then tried their best to frame him for their problem!As you can imagine my friend was not very happy about this situation as he was advised the same as I was and his wife was even less than happy about risking being taken to a Saudi jail!

The people on these camps are generally ignored by the police as no one will agree as to whose responsibility it is to send these many illegals back to their countries; therefore many people remain at these camps for extended periods until either the Saudi government finds funds or the various embassies find the money to return a planeload back home.Should you find yourself illegal then you have few options, you cannot renew the visa once it is expired, nor the Iqama – unless you have a friend that works in the right department in the government and the bribe to go with it.I have heard of a few people who have managed to do this but not many.Should you however want to leave the country without risking several weeks in a Saudi jail then there are ways to leave, however they do cost money!My wife was an illegal when we met, she had gone to Saudi years before and her sponsor had decided to move to Riyadh from Jeddah; my wife had family in Jeddah and did not want to move so her sponsor agreed that she could remain in Jeddah to find work under the “supervision” of the licensing officer who was looking after her passport and her Iqama.

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If you overstay your visa, or fail to renew your Iqama (Saudi residency permit) then you become an illegal and as such you could be imprisoned and fined if you try to leave the country.

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