Sapeledating powered by vbulletin who is serina williams dating

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Sapeledating powered by vbulletin

High there, and welcome to the world's biggest community on skyscrapers and everything in between.If you want to share the news, photo's and fun, please register to join.Among the sites apparently compromised is a support forum for the National Runaway Safeline and a site selling v Bulletin add-ons.The second tool does effectively the same thing, except with a bit more stealth: The administrator account that gets added to hacked forums is more innocuously named “supportvb”.Here’s a Google search that offers a rough idea of the forums compromised with this exploit, which was apparently authored or at least publicly released by this guy.Amichai Shulman, Imperva’s chief technology officer, said the company believes the attackers are using some sort of botnet — a collection of hacked PCs — to help scrape Google for compromised sites and to inject the malicious code.“That way they can get the list sliced into much smaller pieces that a single machine can then crawl and scrape.” If you run a forum or site powered by v Bulletin, take a minute to check if you have followed v Bulletin’s advice and removed the “/install” and/or “/core/install” folders.If your v Bulletin site still has those directories installed, you may also want to check for new administrator accounts.

A member of the v Bulletin support team said version 4.2.2 “fixes the problem, but we still always recommend removing the install folder.” The same individual promised that the as yet unreleased v Bulletin v.

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The security weakness lets attackers quickly discover which forums are vulnerable, and then use automated, open-source exploit tools to add administrator accounts to vulnerable sites.

Imperva said the compromised sites appear to have been hacked by one of two sets of exploit tools that have been released publicly online.

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The first was apparently used in a mass Website defacement campaign.

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