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But email sent through web-based mail providers GMail or Yahoo Mail are different.

Last time I checked Yahoo mail actually does put the IP address of the email's originating computer, but GOOGLE DOES NOT.

See Russian Translations: Phone and Written and click on the links to translation services. Now I will acknowledge that not all Russian women have access to Skype with webcams, but it's worth asking. Feel free to post any other questions you may have.

Hey Paul: I am having the exact same experience as we speak, I am currently speaking with a Russian women who I met off of, I approached her first.

For example, what might be considered romantic, attractive or polite in one culture might not be well received in Russia.

Don’t fear, though - although there are no fixed 'rules' for dating in Russia, this guide explains some basic etiquette about dating here to help you towards understanding Russian women and men – and ultimately be successful in Russian dating.

Or what are your thoughts on validating this relationship. The whole reason scammers say they are in small rural villages where there is no internet is simply to preclude your request to meet on Skype. Even if she says she'll pay for the trip herself, it's a scam. If you REALLY believe it's real, visiting her in her city is the only realistic way of pursuing it without getting scammed.

And is it possible to actually meet a real Russian legit women on Most supposedly Russian women on match are going to be scammers. There will be last minute unexpected surprises and she'll need you to wire money. I contacted three women on match one was located in Montana and the others said that they lived in Russia, all of them scams asking for money.

I'm even shocked that one of them did track to within 40 miles of her home city. The good news is that the results you've found are meaningless and she may be who and where she claims. If she says it's too expensive to use the phone, she's lying.

We to have been engaged in conversations about 4 weeks and their is talk now of her wanting to come here, but she has not mentioned any money yet either.

So my question: When she mentions coming and ask for the money, to call her bluff, could I tell her that I will buy the ticket and have it waiting at the desk for her, intentions, she will not go for this and bluff will be called.

by Paul (UK) Hi, I have been in contact with an alleged Russian lady for about 4 weeks, e-mails almost daily apart from Sundays as no home computer, (she says, then one turned up on the 7/7/13 allegedly from an internet cafe).

I have been in contact with money and romance scammers through a UK site, (all approached me first) and I am wary of this one and have found some useful tips on your site as well as other sites about how to trace an e-mail's origin.

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When you go out on a date in Russia, you’ll find that customs are generally quite old fashioned and traditional - with men adopting a highly chivalrous manner to ‘sweep women off their feet’.

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