Rochelle aytes dating

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Morgan surprises Savannah at Bethesda General Hospital with coffee.

Then, he asks why she hasn't packed up for a vacation they had planned earlier.

Later, Morgan is forced to shoot the teenage unsub after he shoots a hostage with a nail-gun on live television.

However, Savannah is agitated by his response and leaves, telling Morgan that he isn't putting in as much work into the relationship as he should be doing.

After the case, Morgan has a conversation with JJ about what happened.

He then remarks that he knows the world needs them, but that they also need each other and that being neighbors wasn't enough for him anymore. Morgan then gives her the key to the house, but before she can unlock the front door, both of them receive calls pertaining to their work, and they are forced to return to their jobs.

As a result, they reluctantly leave the house behind, but do so holding hands.

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She then tells her that she isn't the only one who has to deal with someone in their lives being gone all of the time.

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