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Due to the shocking nature of the photo, it went viral and soon garnered the attention of the police.They arrested Curry and charged him with a felony count of aggravated domestic battery.According to a report on, the perps – sisters Shivaniand Preeti (using fake names Poorvi and Varsha respectively) got the victim's phone number from his Facebook Page and then called him, falsely claiming to have gotten his contact number from the other popular social network in India – Orkut.One of the sisters then expressed an interest to be "friends" with Tushar and offered to meet him and "chill out".Recently, a Facebook page dedicated to rumors of sex and drug use led to threats against a local school near Chicago.Trib Local reporter Megan Craig reports that a Facebook discussion page that includes Warren Township High School student postings with rumors about alleged rampant drug use, sex and other personal information on campus led to threats against one particular student... For almost a year, George Samuel Bronk, a 23 year old computer hacker from Citrus Heights, California used Facebook status updates by various women across the world, to hack into their email accounts and post nude photos of the victim on her own Facebook page! Harris revealed details of the horrific crime and the guilty plea entered by the defendant on the 7 felony he was charged with.

While serving time at HMP Dartmoor, Lee Fitchett wrote, with appalling grammar: 'won't 4get those 3 f*** heads who put me in prison 4 3y 6m but my day is coming and so is theres and they won't see it coming'.

Some believe social media is an effective tool that educators should embrace, while others believe that unsupervised social interaction on sites like Facebook and Twitter are inappropriate and a recipe for disaster. Education saga has surfaced in the Clayton School District located in Missouri.

Dr Louise Losos, a high school principal within the district, resigned recently after rumors circulated that she created a fake Facebook profile to spy on students...

Police in suburban Vancouver said the assault was "'violent,' leaving the girl with undisclosed injuries," according to The Globe And Mail.

Perpetrators were both minors and adults, and one 16-year-old boy may be charged...

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