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In the 1880s, a young Dutch anatomist named Eugène Dubois set out to find the missing link between apes and humans.

He chose to look in Indonesia, reasoning that gibbons resembled Homo sapiens.

Dubois’ missing-link claim was eventually disproven. Java Man was reclassified in the 1950s as Homo erectus and is now called Trinil 2, in reference to the excavation site. Found with the fossils by Dubois, but not studied closely until recently, were artifacts that could help rewrite the story of human cognitive development. candidate named Stephen Munro was studying prehistoric hominin habitats by examining fossil mollusks. Munro’s first thought was that the engraving must be human.

The evidence was stashed away at Leiden’s natural history museum in the Netherlands, where the Dubois Collection has been stored for more than a century. Passing through Leiden, he photographed some ancient shells that Dubois had collected with the H. His second thought: Some rogue curator might have done it as a practical joke.

The proportions gave him the minimum age of the underlying art.Unlike the engraved Javanese shell languishing in museum archives, Sulawesi’s revolutionary cave paintings have been hiding in plain sight.They’ve been a tourist attraction for decades: stylishly drawn wild animals and silhouettes of human hands enlivening dozens of limestone karsts on the forested southwestern end of the island.In addition to a Wide Open Sandbox much bigger than previous games, introduces three major gameplay additions to the franchise."Fear Takedowns" allow Batman to ambush up to three enemies at once before starting a fight (and four and five with upgrades); full use of the Batmobile for navigation and combat; and a dual-play system that allows Batman to swap out for Robin, Catwoman or Nightwing at select points in the game.

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She and a colleague had already noticed another strange quality: Many of the shells had small holes near their hinges.