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Perhaps you’ve gone part-time, retired, or even just don’t have any more kids loitering around the house!

That’s when older women tend to go into overtime, making sure every moment is packed with pursuits, whether their intellectual, activity based or simply seeing friends and family.

When women age they tend to keep all the trappings of their former younger self.

This allows us to start matching you with compatible single older men straight away!

Mature women, like most women, want a few simple things to be a ‘given’ in a new relationship.

Luckily, when you’re dating an older man, the chances of all three of these boxes being ticked are substantially higher when you’re dating a 65-year-old compared to a 45-year old.

When we’re talking about senior dating, that could mean that he was married for a time, he was in a long-term relationship, or he was possibly widowed.

These are not negative things when you’re dating an older man, it means that he’s gone through difficult times and come out the other side.

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Okay, so, older men being romantic is a stereotype and we already learned most stereotypes are not true.

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