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There, at the top of a rise, a minor road to the left leads to the Dinganestat Dutch Reformed Church Mission Station. From Melmoth - Vryheid road turn off to SW about 4 km (2 mi) past turn-off to Ulundi coming from Melmoth, o...?

A few kilometres further on is Mgungundhlovu, one of the most im Architectural style: traditional beehive huts. Dingane's capital - the size of the homestead was deliberately recreated by Cetshwayo at Ondini.

Duringthe Anglo-Boer War, Type of site: commercial Current use: shop.

This building forms an important part in the architecture of the streetscape of Gladstone Street and Police station building; brown stone building with a wide timber verandah of the traditional Natal st Both buildings built in the same period - 1878.

Main section of the police station building original Type of site: Courthouse, Police Station Current use: court and police station.

Police station is one of the oldest and well-conserved structures in Dundee, and is also the best e A portion of the site of the Battle of Talana, being mostly agricultural land.

Piet Retief and a few of his followers proceeded from Kerkenberg via Port Natal to Mgungundhlovu to obtain a grant of land from Dingane on which the Vooi could settle. Access route to the farm: From Vryheid travel approximately 108 km (67 mi) on the R34 between Ulundi and Vryheid.

Turn right at the Dingaanstad/Mgungunhlovu sign and follow the road for 4.91 km (3 mi).

Eleven Victoria Crosses were awa Double storey; symmetrical; pediment surrounded by cement railings; Georgian-style entrance door; up Was originally built as a Masonic Lodge-the second lodge built in Dundee.

seems cut off Type of site: Tree Current use: other: indigenous plants.

Protected indigenous plants Fort Mistake, built in the style of the Indian hill forts, is architecturally unique in South Africa.

Turn right at the Piet Retief Grave site sign and travel another 100 m. The first party of Voortrekkers to enter Natal, led by Piet Retief, set out from Blydevooruitzicht and commenced the descent of the Drakensberg down this pass on 14 November 1837 with 66 wagons.

It reached the foot of the mountain at Bethel by 18 November Type of site: Pass Previous use: pass & fortification. Marked turn-off from R615 on opposite side of road to Sterkfontein Dam a few kilometres from the top.

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It was an important element of the British fortifications, which were erected between Ladysmith and Newcastle just before the First War of Independence i Type of site: Fort Previous use: fortification. On the west side of the R23 about 50 km (31 mi) north of Ladysmith or south of Newcastle is the hamlet of For.

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