Piltdown man and radiocarbon dating

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Generally, the process works well for identifying unwitting errors, such as flaws in methodology or inadequate statistics, and also for exposing outright deception.But in the past, checks and balances in science were less strict, so it was possible to “cook data” and commit other fraudulent acts, thereby throwing the scientific community off-balance.To begin, the perpetrator knew what he was doing – lots of convincing "confirmatory evidence" was included with the hoax itself.Second, the idea of human evolution from ape-like ancestors was fairly new and ideas were emerging and developing rapidly. But most importantly, the Piltdown hoax was born in the midst of a perfect storm of events in and out of science.Nevertheless, the secular press carried headlines on the Piltdown man proclaiming, "Darwin's theory is proved true." For the more perseptive, it was a little funny-peculiar just how precisely Piltdown man matched what science fiction had taught us to believe that the "missing link" would look like, rather like a space ship landing with little green men inside.However, it would seem that such healthy scepticism is not something encouraged in Darwinian circles - far too cynical for the scientific mind.

Piltdown man mysteriously turned up in Piltdown quarry, a gravel pit in Sussex, in 1912.

Notably, this involved the buildup to the First World War, which happened to overlap with discoveries of major import to paleoanthropology occurring in German lands, and elsewhere around the globe.

The people of England – including its scientists, both professional and amateur – really wanted a human ancestor that could compete with the discoveries of extinct human species in Germany.

Finally, the perpetrator threw in some bogus flint tools, the master plan being to create the long-sought 'missing link' between humans and apes.

(For a timeline of the Piltdown discoveries and important events, see Figure 2.) The plan worked for several reasons.

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The Piltdown fossil had been "peer-reviewed", so it must be fact, and was consequently embraced with gusto by is consistant: they have repeatedly refused to publish any of the papers from eminent scientists exposing the global warming scam as a pile of the brown stuff because they have not been "peer-reviewed".

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